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Робот прахосмукачка Midea M7, M-SmartLife APP, 5200 mAh, Черен

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Модел М7
Време за работа до 160 минути
Капацитет на батерията 5200mAh
Функция на графика Да
Капацитет на контейнера за прах 450 мл
Смукателна мощност 4000 Pa
Номинална мощност 55 W
Номинално напрежение 14.4V
Приложение M-SmartLife APP
Цвят черен
Тегло 3,4 кг
Размери 350 x 350 x 97 мм


В комплекта
Робот за почистване
Странични четки x2
Подложка за почистване
Станция за зареждане
HEPA филтър
Захранващ кабел

The Midea M7 Cleaning Robot

The product from Midea is a 2-in-1 device. It has the function of vacuuming and washing the surface, allowing you to save time. The motor running at 55 W and suction power up to 4000 Pa effectively collect all kinds of debris from dust to hair and hair. The LDS NaviPolaris laser technology creates an accurate map of your home without skipping or repeating your route. The M7 also overcomes obstacles up to 20 mm high and can run up to 160 minutes on a single charge.

Surfaces free of dust and stains

M7 thoroughly cleans your floor, removing stains and allergens. What’s more, you can also independently set the amount of water dispensed from 1 to 3 depending on the type of surface you are cleaning.

Effective against dirt

The device features a 4000 Pa Nidec brushless motor, making it one of the most powerful vacuum cleaners on the market! It also features new software and algorithms, for improved performance. It effortlessly picks up hair, dander, or dust. You can also change the suction power by choosing between 3 levels.

Increases power when cleaning carpet

The device automatically increases the suction power to the maximum value to thoroughly remove dust lingering in the carpet fibers. The V-shaped brush design prevents hair from getting caught in the brush and is also ideal for cleaning delicate surfaces. In addition, the side brushes get rid of dirt from crevices, leaving the surface spotlessly clean.

LDS NaviPolaris laser navigation system

The robot uses NaviPolaris navigation to create a precise plan of the apartment. As a result, the device does not move randomly around the rooms, but along a route it has created, where it does not miss a centimeter or repeat cleaning in the same areas. Additionally, the M7 can also work in the dark.

Intelligent sensors

The use of anti-collision sensors allows the M7 to avoid obstacles and move freely on any surface. So you don’t have to worry about the robot falling down the stairs or bumping into furniture. What’s more, if the battery gets low during cleaning, the device will find a charging station on its own to renew the power.

Control M7 operation remotely

The application will allow you to use the full potential of the M7. You can, for example, select the space to be cleaned or plan the sequence of rooms to be vacuumed. The device also remembers the floor plan of several floors, so it will work well in larger homes. Your kid is asleep, and you don’t want to wake him up? Set a virtual wall to exclude the selected area from cleaning.



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